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Rank Our Wide Receivers

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With the addition of Hardy our WR corp is looking pretty decent, not outstanding but plenty of depth an options.

How would you rank our WRs from best to least best?

1. Julio Jones

2. Roddy white

3. Leonard Hankerson

4. Devin Hester

5. Justin Hardy

6. Eric Weems

7. Nick Williams

8. Bernard Reedy

9. Freddie Martino

Just putting it out there, I know very little about Hankerson

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I was looking forward to seeing Freddy continue his growth because I think he's got potential. There may be a log jam at our ST/WR position.

I believe between Weems & Hester, one will not make the team. Is our goal to roll with 6? If so, considering no other players added after June cuts, I say these will be our 6:







Barring injury, I think FM makes the active roster this season. I think he has somebody who believes in him in Robiskie, but we'll see. I do believe we have a good starting 3 (DH starts imo), just need to make sure we have quality depth.

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