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So Grady Jarrett's Dad Is


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He's not really his dad. Tuggle is his uncle.

Every article I've read lists him as his "son" unless they mean in a non-biological sense but I've gotten the sense it's the opposite.

Like maybe they aren't super close in that Tuggle didn't raise him and had his own kids to look after (Justin Tuggle) but he does stay in contact with him. But that's just inferring on my part. We know they hand a long phone conversation today.

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I have never known a person with the first name Grady.

Only Grady from Sanford and Son comes to mind.

Parent's had a neighbor named Grady. Shady Grady, he would ride his lawn mower up the road to the store to buy beer. Got arrested once for it once. I don't know if it was DUI, open container or nothing, but he stopped it afterwards.

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