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*** 2015 Projected Depth Chart ***

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Falcon brethren, things are coming together nicely! smile.png

Here is my pre-camp, projected depth chart. What changes would you make, if any?

LEO: Beasley, Schofield
DT: Hageman, Babineaux
NT: Soliai, Jarret
LDE: Clayborn, Jackson
WILL: Durant, Bartu
MIKE: Worrilow, Stupar
SAM: Reed, Shembo, Biermann
SS: Moore, Ishmael
FS: Southward, Godfrey
RCB: Trufont, Adams
LCB: Collins, Alford
NB: Alford, Allen
LT: Matthews, Baker
LG: Baker, Konz
C: Hawley, Stone, Konz
RG: Asamoah, Rodgers
RT: Schraeder, Holmes
QB: Ryan, Yates
WR1: Jones
WR2: White, Hankerson
WR3: Hardy, Hester, Weems
TE: Tamme, Toilolo, Moeaki
RB: Freeman, Coleman, Smith
FB: DiMarco


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Anyone that has a remedial understanding of football would know Grady is a perfect fit at NT in our scheme.

Yeah, he's the perfect nickel 1T/3T in base defense. Not really a NT on early downs (not sure I like him as a 2 gapper). Even saw some comparisons to Brandon Mebane (doubt SBBC even knows who that is tbh, though they're around the same size). Don't want to compare them though, Jarrett ain't a poor man's nobody. wink.png I expect him to go in for Soliai on a lot of passing downs, but I have no idea what our full rotation might look like.

To people saying "I think ____ starts," for once I think there will be open competition...so for all intents and purposes, you're all right.

EDIT: Too excited, I put "nickel 1T in the 4-3 under," I really need to get some rest haha

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yeah, he will prob play 3 tech with Babs, Hagemann will play 5 tech most likely. Biermann is not a Sam. All sorts of wrong with that chart lol

Actually, Quinn has already said Biermann would cross-train at SAM and LEO because they are interchangeable in his 4/3 Under. Biermann though hasn't been the same after the achilles injury and might have a tough time making the 53.

But, as you can see, SAM plays right up near the line.


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Don't forget about FA Offensive Lineman signing Mike Person. Appeared that Atlanta signed him to be a swing OT/OG, similar to Gabe Carimi's role last year. BTW the Falcons signed Person to a 3-year $3,350,000 contract, so he probably makes the team.

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I think Coleman is the starter, not Free, but that's just me. Would rather not see Baker at guard but who knows... Spruill could be a dark horse for backup MLB.

I think you could be right about Coleman but going into camp I think Freeman will take reps with the ones until Coleman EARNS that starting role.

LG is the biggest mystery on our roster.

It's disgusting to think Sam Baker is the 3rd highest paid player on our roster behind Matt and Julio. If Jake is our LT and they keep Baker, I have to think Baker get the first crack at LG; however, I think Stone might be able to slide in nicely at LG. Then there's Konz and Pearson... so, who knows.

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