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State Why This Is The Best Falcon Draft In History.

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To me, this is the best Falcon draft that I have followed.

Our FO managed to fill the most glaring needs and still get value.


1. Edge rusher with physical talents that are not already on the roster.

Without a doubt, Beasley fits that need to a T. He is a high character young man with a history of production, yet plenty of untapped potential. A beautiful pick.

2. Defensive Back:

Quinn's defense is basic and straight forward. You rush the passer and you defend with physicality. Jalen Collins has the speed, length and stregth to handle the outside CB duties. Alford is nice, but he fits better in nickel situations.

Collins is a first round talent that dropped into the second. Tommy made a great value pick.

3. RB:

Freeman should be a pretty good RB in the ZBS, but it is clear that he is not able to carry the full load. We all like Antone, but he does not block....that has been his downfall. Tevin Coleman was listed as the third best RB in this strong RB draft. He brings talents that fit a Zone Blocking scheme and he brings the potential for big plays.

Defenses will need to shade LB's a little closer to the box, in order to guard against big gashes on the ground. This young man is the sort of player that will make other guys better. Again.....big time value.

4. Front 7:

This franchise was a confused mess. Were we a 3-4, 4-3, ?HYBRID? No one knew, including our coaches. That is why we signed Soliai and Jackson. Well, that was then, and this is now.

We are a Seattle 4-3. We needed a pass rusher (done) and penetrating DT's. Babs is getting old and his injuries will start to take their toll. Grady Jarrett is a player that belonged in the 2nd-3rd rounds. We answered a need with another value pick.

5. Interior OL.

I have been saying that we need to pay attention to the addition of Person this off season. He is a four-year player that was miscast as a power-gap blocker. He is a ZBS OL and I have high hopes that he will earn the starting LG spot.

Apparently, our FO is feeling good about Person. Let's see what happens.

6. MLB:

We signed Durant from the Cowboys to fill the MLB need. There is no doubt that Durant is a quality player, but his injury history makes me think that we will not see him on the field all season long.

Here is the one move that I'd like for us to make. I'd like for us to make a call to the Eagles. They have shopped Mychal Kendricks. I would make a reasonable offer and see what happens.

Well, that's it. I think that this is the best draft that I have witnessed from the Falcons. This is the only draft that has made sense to me every single day. Well done Tommy.

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I'm unbelievably hyped, but pump the brakes. My favorite draft so far on a preliminary level at least, everything seemed to fall our way.

Yep. I've already jumped off the top rope and declared this draft our best ever. The one descriptive word that keeps going round and round in my giddy, enraptured brain is 'awesome'. My man Quinn be hotter than a dancin' chihuahua.


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It may be too early to judge any of the prospects, but I am talking about managing a draft.

This draft makes the most sense of any draft that I can remember. Smart moves all around.

Hey, this is the first draft, under Tommy, that I have not had to look up a previously unknown school.

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