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Front Seven Versatility

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With the Grady Jarret pick, I imagine our front seven is fairly set. We might add some depth at linebacker with the last two picks, but I think this shows that Quinn is fairly comfortable after the free agent additions that were made. While we will definitely play some nickel and dime, taking some linebackers off the field, it is important to remember that Seattle played in their base 4-3 under defense more than any other team. I see it playing out something like this.

Run Downs:

3T: Babineaux, Jarret

NT: Soliai, Hageman

5T: Jackson, Hageman

LEO: Clayborn, Goodman/Biermann

WILL: Durant, Bartu

MLB: Worrilow

SLB: Reed, Schofield, Shembo

Passing Downs:

3T: Clayborn, Goodman/Biermann

NT: Hageman, Jackson

5T: Babineaux, Jarret

LEO: Beasely, Schofield

SLB: Reed, Shembo

MLB: Worrilow

SLB: Durant, Bartu

I think Worrilow will slide into a 2-down linebacker and be the first player off the field when we move to nickel, allowing him to play to his strengths. I imagine that Soliai, Hageman, Jackson, and Babineaux to rotate heavily on run downs, and for Hageman, Babineaux, Jarret, and (to a lesser extent) Jackson to rotate heavily on passing downs.

The biggest weakness I see there is coverage linebackers. Durant and Reed are supposed to be decent in the passing game, but given his injury history, I would prefer to add a good coverage WILL/MLB to prevent Worrilow having to play all three downs.

How do you see it playing out?

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