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*edit* Pioli Td And Quinn Killing It

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I wanted him in the fourth glad we got him in the 5th will fit this scheme perfectly. Love this guy, wish tuggle could make the announcement. Unreal. This draft is sick.

Tuggle should have told that girl to gtfo the stage and made the call :D

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This is amazing. My internet went down, then I bring it up and they have my favorite receiver left and DT? Hardy in the 4th and Jarrett in the 5th? WHAT?

Exactly man. This draft is incredible, really wasn't expecting us to get so many steals.
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The @AtlantaFalcons are crushing it.

Matt Miller@nfldraftscout

Love the Falcons pick of Jarrett. Fifth-round pick? Are you kidding me. Steal.

Pete Prisco@PriscoCBS

Grady Jarrett is a tremendous value here, even with the trade up. Terrific player without ideal height.

The Falcoholic @TheFalcoholic

Grady Jarrett's father? None other than former Falcon and Ring of Honor member Jessie Tuggle. #RiseUp
Another note: Grady Jarrett's house burned down last night. Awful news.
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