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Falconblood's Rounds 4-7

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4-8) Grady Jarrett, DT Clemson
With the upside of Geno Adkins, Jarrett is an ideal defensive selection here in the 4th, providing excellent value and ability.

5-10) Jamil Douglas, OG Arizona State
Has a lot of tools you want in a ZBS OL. Good value here in the 5th for a player who could provide quality play early in his career.

6-9) DeAndre Smelter, WR Georgia Tech
So much upside for a 6th round WR. Gets to learn from Roddy and Julio early.

7-8) Blake Bell, TE Oklahoma
Great hands, hard worker who changed from being a QB to TE. He understands the game from a QBs perspective and should give the offense another TE to consider on game day.

7-32) Tray Walker, CB Texas Southern
At 6-2, 191, walker is tremendously talented and gifted physically. Could be molded into a tremendous player for Quinns scheme.

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I'm totally with you on J. Douglas & T. Walker. I like both of those guys as late rounders that could turn into great players for us, and had them both listed in the pick 20 players you think we might take draft game in the other subforum.

I think we definitely get a TE, but I'd prefer Rory Anderson in the 4th. I think Bell is ok, but I want someone who can challenge Levine T. right away, and Bell seems like too much of a project for that.

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I would rather we didn't waste our time with a day three tight end, to be honest.

You know the more I thought you maybe right WR has to be 4 or maybe ILB. I want FB at 5 please get us killer for our RBs. Green can Ball but im with who ever they take there on a roll.

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I think I would go with a WR over ILB. I know that people like a couple of the late linebackers, but it wasn't a strong class anyway and the best ones have been taken. We are in a historically great period of wide receivers. We should have taken one last year (and plenty of them looked fantastic). The value is at wide receiver.

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We very well could be adding another CB. Still pretty thin at that spot.

I am a big fan of O'Leary though. People knock on him for his 40, but he gets plenty of separation and is already a good blocker. I think he'd be great in a ZBS. Plus the dude doesn't wear gloves aka hes a bad SOB.

(InB4 Kerry Meier joke)

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WR, DT,FS and OL is where the talent is left

Like to see us go there and then figure out TE later. Oleary late is the only guy I'd take over all the guys left. Don't pass over all the other talent for Blake bell

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