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Tre' Jackson

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Forgot who but they said Jackson likely wouldn't work in a ZBS and would work better in a power run scheme. Idk though. I definitely like Tre a lot.

I think you either got your wires crossed or the person who said it did. FSU runs ZBS and Tre runs like crazy.

He scares me because he's got an awkward style but, with a little coaching he could be a pro-bowl guard for years. powerful, atheletic, high motor.

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I just found this


Report: Florida State guard Tre' Jackson failed multiple NFL team physicals

According to Matt Miller, it's because of Jackson's chronic knee problems. The knee issues were known at FSU, but didn't cause him to miss many games. He started more than 40 in his career. Jackson missed his junior year of high school due to a knee injury.

I dont think Tre is getting drafted now similar to Antonio Richardson last year.

I also dont think he fits a zone scheme, so low chance we drafted him healthy.

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