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Alford To Fs?

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1: The talk of Southward to CB

2: Alford working out with Ryan Clark (Steelers' FS)

3: Jalen Collins drafting

He has as good of range and Ball skills a million times better than Southward. Just a thought that popped into my head a few months ago, but I couldn't get my password issues fixed until tonight.

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Me too, but he has all of the athletic ability you could ask for, I'm just thinking maybe having plays unfold in front of him might be easier. I felt almost like I was watching Chris Houston out there again last year with his inability to turn his head and make plays on the ball. He would be in his guy's hip pocket, but just wouldn't make the play.

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he was suppose to workout with Ryan Clark last year too but didnt get a chance.... Him working out with Clark has nothing to do with Safety... Its to become a better DB....

Not saying Coach Quinn wont switch him over even tho i dont think he will.... You never know tho

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I really think its an option...working with Clark.....and Alford has the speed and ball skills to play Safety...ultra aggressive works a lot better at Safety than Corner....and Quinn really likes Southward at corner



Southward at nickel

Alford at Safety

Im telling you now...look out...

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