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What A Haul.

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I couldn't have dreamed up a better draft for the Falcons so far. All 3 players were steals at the position, and alll 3 have specifcally said they want to be here.

Beasley - Top five pick - Get him at 8

Collins - Late first round - Get him at 42

Tevin Coleman - Late 2nd round - Get him at 73.

We have a heck of a draft rolling right now, way to go TD and Pioli.

Let's find our Guard, back up RT, and FS tomorrow!

Man I am JACKED.


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We still have needs at TE and LB too. Who knows, maybe Quinn is okay with Worrilow.

Worilow might benefit as much as anyone from Quinn's scheme. For one, he'll have competent players around him and Quinn's scheme will allow him to play downhill, rather than be frozen up by multiple reads.

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Beasley& Coleman were solid picks that filled a need. No one can argue those picks

Collins was not a need.

Most prospects are somewhat considered boom or bust but we have the ultimate boom or bust draft.

We have 3 players that either can be great and all pro type player or be off team by 2nd contract.

When you have 3 CB's on the roster, CB is a need.....

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