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So With The Collins Pick...

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Ok, here's my spill with this pick and then I'm done with it. The real football people will understand this and the crack pots won't. But anyway, this pick isn't good at our 2nd round pick and here's why.

QUINN is a new HC. Yeah, we heard that the Seattle defense was his baby or what not, but that defense was developed by Carroll from his time in New England and tweaked when he was at USC (remember those defenses they had there). Yes, QUINN worked under Carroll, but like someone said earlier on this board; "the knock off isn't as good as the original". QUINN is going to mimic what Pete Carroll implemented, but he's going to put his finger prints on it somewhere or some how.

What is all this saying? With Quinn being a first year HC, he needs to stick with the "Known". And Jalen Collins is more a "?" than any other CB in the draft. Why? Only played 10 games and would have been beat out by another player that got scratched late in the season because of grades. Yes, he's big. But so was Jimmy Williams. Yes, he's "fast". But remember Jimmy Williams? This kid reminds me so much of Jimmy with the hype you guys are spilling. But like I said, "I've watched lsU a lot this past year and this kid is/was not ready and didn't do anything in the season to stand out." lsU really didn't have too many people on their defense to look like any

thing anyway. This kid could have been drafted in the 4th round. He wasn't going anywhere.

Quinn didn't need to pick a "reach" or "project" with this pick.

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