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Official Day 2 Draft Thread


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I can understand why to a point.If that dude had nothing to do with her murder that kid got ****** out of millions upon millions of dollars.Not sure saying that was the best move but man that has to suck.

it does suck, but he is putting the money he cant get now, over proving himself and getting a big pay day in 3 years. He would rather sit a year and get drafted higher than overcoming his situation? No thanks.

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NO we have come too far. Gregory is in sight.

He's a Cowboy.

This was a bad place to land. I'm worried for him. Hope he uses his draft stock dropping as motivation, but being around a guy like Hardy, in a dramatic place like Dallas...he might bust. This freaking sucks. I wanted him in NE where he could thrive. Dang. Bryant is promising I guess.

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