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Official Day 2 Draft Thread

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Now people are praising the Saints for taking a pass rusher that has torn the same ACL TWICE! This place is straight ******** on draft day ROFL

Derek Thompson ‏@Dtrent23 2m2 minutes ago BREAKING: Randy Gregory suspended under the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy after lighting up a joint to celebrate being drafted by the Cowboys

I think this is the first draft where I like the first three picks. I think it might have been Mike Smith and the coaches fellas. Our coaches now have an eye for talent and how to feature guys in thei

Not athletic enough for ZBS

He's 2" taller and the same exact weight as the starting LG the Skins signed last year with Shanahan running the ZBS. He's a 4 year starter, prototypical weight/height, and benched 30 reps of 225lbs showing his strength, not flab.

I think he's worth a 3rd.

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Not even out of the 2'nd round and there's nobody good left. smh

Yeah. We all know that, outside of the 2nd round...everyone....gets cut in camp.

Also, please know that the NFL is 5 on 5 with no subs allowed. MAN! I'm glad our fans are so very educated about how the NFL works.

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yes, if you're going to say you wont sign with any team if you dont get drafted today, you can go **** yourself and enjoy sitting on the pine for a year.

I can understand why to a point.If that dude had nothing to do with her murder that kid got ****** out of millions upon millions of dollars.Not sure saying that was the best move but man that has to suck.
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