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Official Day 2 Draft Thread

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Now people are praising the Saints for taking a pass rusher that has torn the same ACL TWICE! This place is straight ******** on draft day ROFL

Derek Thompson ‏@Dtrent23 2m2 minutes ago BREAKING: Randy Gregory suspended under the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy after lighting up a joint to celebrate being drafted by the Cowboys

I think this is the first draft where I like the first three picks. I think it might have been Mike Smith and the coaches fellas. Our coaches now have an eye for talent and how to feature guys in thei

He's a whiff or miss kinda guy. I know but Alford has been burned a fair amount as well.

I'm trying to tell these clueless people. I've watched lsU games down here and this guy is one of the worst DBs by lsU standards. Alford has been burned and he's faster than Collins, so what does that says about Collins trying to cover Cooks on the outside/inside?

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LG and maybe FS are needs too. That's why I don't like the Collins pick, CB wasn't a major need by no means. Guys are saying look at the amount of corners on the roster, we had 4. Most teams carry 5-6, so we could've gotten some like Lorenzo Doss from Tulane in the 4-5 round, who I think would be a great value pick.

Doesn't matter how many are on the roster, we only have 2 CB's (now 3) that should be on the field for any sort of substantial number of snaps. CB was a big need.

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Oh yeah? Again, what real world issue do you have experience with? Quit talking out of your azz. My anxiety was related to stress over a particular project. You do not know his triggers.

Lmao Ah an internet tough guy. The verbiage used was "Not showing up for meetings"...not cancelling...not postponing... Not showing up. Then more recently saying that he deserves to be picked high. Yeah sorry... not buying that excuse. Your pretentious behavior towards your illness does not make you more knowledgeable in "real world issues", than the next guy. Try feeling important somewhere else, I'm not impressed.

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