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Do We Hit On The First Two Picks?

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Last season I think we 'hit' on the first two picks. Matthews was a huge need, and we didn't trade up to get him. AND there really wasn't any names who jumped out last season that went after our pick. Hageman was a solid 2nd pick, who was projected by many to go in the first round and I think he'll get better and better.

We hit on Beasley according to what the fan base wanted, and what the team needed. Now tonight, do we continue that? Truly I don't see how we could mess up.. our needs in no order are; OL, ILB [unless we believe in Worrilow] S [unless we believe in Kemal and Moore] CB depth [Possibly a starter if Alford isn't what we need him to be.] a true TE, WR Depth / future Roddy Replacement?? RB to be the 1, in the 1-2-3 punch with the other guys we have. And of course, pass rusher cause you can't have too many.

It's beneficial to us, that there are many guys of position of need that are still on the board..that some thought, could of went in the first round.

Who are your guys that you want in the 2nd and 3rd..and who are guys you're surprised are still on the board? I'm super surprised that Landon Collins is there..and some of the OL that are still there. Kind of surprised Gregory is there also.

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