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Are We Good At Dt?

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I think it remains to be seen. I've had this discussion quite a lot lately. With the new scheme there are three defensive linemen that need to be big and physical, much like a 3-4. The LEO is more like a linebacker with his hand down in a wide nine who is dedicated to rush the passer. The two big guys we signed last year didn't seem to work in the scheme we had. It seemed like there were not attacking. I don't know if that was scheme and/or their lack of ability. Hopefully the new staff has that all figured out. We should know their assessment by the end of the draft.

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Guest Mr Plow

I hear a lot of talk about beasly only being a 3rd down player. My question is with the loss of peters are we good at dt. I know we have hageman and babineaux, but after that are we good?

Beasley will primarily be out there in passing situations, but he is far from a "3rd down only" player.

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^^^^ Thank you for pointing that Soliai couldn't stop jack squat up the middle. He's getting older too. He played in a similar scheme in Miami when Nolan was there and he has regressed. He got pushed back 5 yard before a FB could steam roll Worrilow. We need an upgrade at Nose.

Quinn had Mebane. Get us a Mebane TD

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