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Zach Stacey Requesting To Be Traded

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curious, who?

David Johnson or TJ Yeldon, Abdullah if he somehow slips. Like Buck Allen and Mike Davis in the fourth just as much too. I just don't think Stacy is special at all. Good, yes. Special? Nah. Jmho. I get liking him but I don't think there's any value in using a second, and I'd be hard pressed to say more than a fifth...

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Per Schaffer. I'm on my phone and can't add the tweet. But basically he twitted yikes. Then asked to be traded and the rams said they are open to it.

I would throw a second at stacey.

St. Louis created their own log jam at the RB position, you don't reward them for that by giving them a 2nd rd pick. You take advantage of it and say I'll give you a 4th or 5th because you can't play all 3. Then you give them the best poker face you can come up with. That's how you work trades.

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