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Okay, My Thoughts On The First Pick

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No, sir. You've got the wrong guy. I've been against Beasley from the start. I said we will get a good player, but Beasley will never be a complete player like you all are hyping him up to be. He will be a solid role player, but not a superstar.

He was the safest pick at our clear position of need. He wouldnt have been the pick if Fowler was still on the board.

What's wrong taking the safe pick in our clear position of need?

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Whoa, what a great feeling for the first pick, two years in a row. Got the anchor for the Oline last year and the anchor for the pass rush this year.

Between Hageman and Beasley, Falcons may finally have a pass rush. Yeah, gonna be fun to watch the Falcons D with a home grown Abraham.

I'm so stoked man, I don't even...not even....

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We haven't taken a player I really wanted really ever. Not once. Always guys I kinda liked, or once we took a guy but spent a ton of picks. Left it feeling bad. I have absolutely NEVER wanted a player as bad as I wanted Beasley. Usually just guys I DON'T want...but we took him. I have liked this off season a lot. Getting a Beasley jersey.

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Telling you guys something. I wasn't going to do any scouting or mocks this year at all. I said, "What's the point. Probably take Peat or somebody anyways." So I was asked by someone on the boards to look at something about Beasley. i would not. Then I just got a wild thought and did my regular routine. Take the top ten of the positions and look at tape and highlights, ask around.

So i did. the first one was Gregory and man, I was like...if this is the best, then I don't even want to look anymore...take whoever.

I didn't like anything about what I saw. I started really looking and then there was Beasley. I knew who he was, somewhat familiar with his dad, and had watched a few games. I started watching tape first instead of my usual introductory highlights and I was immediately impressed. Asking around and it was like he was being kept a secret.

I started wanting folks to know, but everyone was high on Fowler, Dupree, and Gregory...constantly downplaying Beasley. This was pre Combine. I said I thought he would run about a 4.4, BP about 25, and have a vert of 35. I didn't watch the combine, but when I saw what he posted I was floored.

Asked around as to what was the issue and was told, something I won't post here. After that I knew there was something. I thought Beasley was gone 4 times today. When I heard "Kevin Smith" I was just thinking we would take Dupree or Gregory. When I heard Beasley I could not contain myself.

I knew Gregory would drop and from what I understand it is something other than a simple pot and anxiety issue. The anxiety thing was overblown.

If Gregory falls to us, we should take him. Same with Collins, either or.

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do you think Collins has the speed to at FS?

Not FS, but a DP3 safety. Playing the deep 3rd is what he did in Bama that made him so well known. That's a little bit on how he fell...few teams running Cover 3 needing a FS/SS hybrid. He can absolutely play what we are doing. I think he goes to the Redskins and will be okay there and we take TE.

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