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My 2015 Real Time Mock Draft - First Round Pick

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My round 2 list in no particular order is

Landon collins

TJ Clemmings

Randy Gregory

Eli Harold

Erick Kenricks

Erik Fisher

Lael Collins - Given that nothing else comes of his situation

Jalen Strong

Tevin Coleman

AJ Cann

Jalen collins

Eric Rowe

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OK I have narrowed my list down to 5 in order.

1. TJ Clemmings

2. Erik Fisher

3. Landon Collins

4. Erick Kendricks

5. Eli Harold.

My thought is you can get a RB or WR in the 4th round or later. If I take Clemmings or Fisher I would hope Paul Dawson would drop into the 3rd round. The other option would be to double dip and take A.J. Cann or Ali Marpet in the 3rd. That would give us a possible O Line of TJ Clemmings/Schrader/or Baker at RT, Cann or Marpet at RG, Stone/Hawley at C, Asamoah at LG, and Matthews at LT. Looks like a totally rebuilt O Line for Shannahan to work with.

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