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Rumor: Russ Lande Reported The Falcons Had Informed Ray He Will Be Their Selection, Assuming He's There At No. 8


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I really hope this isn't true. We need to trade back if we want him.


ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Thursday that the watch for Missouri DE/OLB Shane Ray begins at the No. 8 overall pick.

Like Chris Mortensen did, Schefter reported Ray is fully expected to be selected in round one, despite off-field and injury concerns. Earlier this week, ex-NFL personnel man Russ Lande reported the Falcons had informed Ray he will be their selection, assuming he's there at No. 8 (which he will be). Apr 30 - 4:29 PM
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Is this the Canadian guy who said we would take Ray 7th overall, even though we don't have the 7th overall pick? The same guy who said the Falcons were trading up for Greg Robinson last year?

If so, this was posted a few days ago.


Looks like it.

Rotoworld is pretty good usually. The Adam Schefter mention really caught my eye,but I don't see anything on his twitter feed about watching the Falcons at 8.

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Not saying this true, but I never thought Ray was dropping that far. I felt it was a similar situation to Sapp (Sapp was mostly rumors though).

I think Ray will go in the 1st and I also think we were content with taking him. I don't think we do @8 now though.

Sapp wasn't a rumor, he actually failed drug tests for both weed and cocaine.

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I dont like the pick at 8, trade back if that is who they have targeted. Dont like undersized, dont like surgery as soon as he is drafted keeping him out of camp and starting season on PUP in addition to being behind mentally, and then the marijuana. Why would I draft this guy at 8?

If the Falcons were to draft Ray, then they may have gotten confirmation that he would probably not need surgery and would be read before the season..

As for weight, he would probably be in the mid-late 250's but the start of the season, he weighed 250 at his pro day.

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Remember we're talking about this guy:

to be fair we don't know that he was wrong. we learned later they tried to move up, claiming it was for Matthews.

they also had lewan targeted I believe so it's not outside the realm of possibility they were interested in robinson

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