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5Th For Mathis, 4Th For Irvin

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Free up the draft.

We could even trade up with our 1st and either the 2nd or 3rd and get Leonard Williams.

Spend the remaining 2nd/3rd on a RB or WR.

Or, trade back and collect talent in the 2nd and 3rd at S, CB, WR, RB, LB.

Having a legit OG and pass rusher would change the scope of the draft dramatically.

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As long as we're playing madden, may as well spring for a 3'rd and get Houston instead of Irvin.

Well, on the real, let's talk value.

Mathis is old, and people were talking 7th before.

Irvin, I imagine, is your beef. If we assume his option not being exercised is meaningful, he has one season left with the Seahawks. The compensation bandied about in rumors is a 4th, but could be off. It's not like this guy is a perennial double digit sack guy.

So, what do you think Irvin would command? A 3rd? A 2nd would be way too rich and not at all in accordance with similar players.

I don't happen to play Madden, and I generally don't put much stock in trades, but these are the kind that make sense to me. We get a stop gap at guard, and a "mid tier" pass rusher for mid round picks. That's what those guys go for.

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