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If Irvin Trade Happens, Draft Pass Rusher Anyway?


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Like many of you here, I'm all-in for drafting a pass rusher with our first pick. But now the rumors floating around about us potentially trading for Bruce Irvin made me wonder who we should pick in the event that the trade actually happens.

Then it thought: "Why not draft a pass rusher anyway?"

We've been so bereft of pass rush the last few years, we could take the opportunity to stock up. We could make our biggest weakness one of our biggest strengths in a single day.

Edit: Obviously, if we trade draft picks in return for Irvin, that changes the picture here, depending on the pick(s).

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I would like to go BPA like Kaptain Krazy says, but man if we picked up Beasley with Irvin,Schofield, Clayborne, with Babs, Soliai, and Hege up the middle, our pass rush woes are done. no more 3 and 20 somethings getting converted.

That's exactly what I was thinking. Having multiple legit edge rushers with an interior line that should be a force this season. Just let 'em tee off.

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imo, it allows Falcons to get the truly BPA at #8. If on their board that is one of the edge rushers, so be it. If the BPA left when #8 rolls around is a WR, do it. If it's Gurley, do it.

Taking care of needs before the draft allows you to take care of collecting young talent during the draft.

^^^ That's it

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