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Prognositificationing On Trade Down Buzz.... Via Strained Metaphors.


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RapSheet, although annoying, is well connected. So there may be some credence in the trade down for O-Line stuff.

I mean.... I don't hate it, but it would be like going to the playboy mansion and taking a hot member of the catering staff home.

How about this for a hypothetical, stay with me:

Imagine if TD stopped dreaming about swinging for the fences and getting into the Grotto, and we say, traded back into the teens with Miami @14

I could see Miami want to come up if say Cooper or White slid)

Our pick at 8 = 1400 points

Fins at 14 and 42 = 1550 points

It's slightly off, but the Fins would make that trade for miss October.

That would leave us with picks 14, 42 & 47.

That for me is powerful. Big names could slide easily into picks 42 and 47 (any closet Maxx Williams fans out there? Eli Harold? Cedric Obugehuiiuehei)

We could easily get a combo of a plug in guard, project edge rusher and defensive starter (S,CB...ILB, DT)

Or....we go further down the rabbit(bunny) hole

42 & 47 are also worth 910 points.... which could get you the 18th pick. Pioli's old boys, good ol' KC. That would give us 14 & 18. That's the moment you speed dial the cab and tell the two ladies the grape soda is on ice back at home. The two ladies are #14 & #18 in the draft. Mighty, mighty fine.

ORRRR... (running out of metaphors here)

We are feeling good with 14, 42 & 47 after the fins trade.. But Shane Ray is at the party, and the Ravens are doing all that annoying ish. Laughing at his jokes over-enthusiastically, 'oh this, yea this is just my weekend Tag Heuer', and humblebragging about their awesome holiday in the Maldives last year...

We could shut the Ravens down, calling in the cardinals as our wingman. They sit at #24 and have a team so stacked with talent it hurts.

We give them #42 and #73. 705 points.

We get #24 = 740 points.

Ok, we'd probably owe them big time, something they'd keep quiet until they remind you at the worst possible time that it's your turn to wingman (we've all been there....)... In all likelihood we toss them a 5th, #146 - 33 points

So from out of nowhere, we've amassed picks 14, 24 and 47, having started with 8 and 42.

In prognositficationing summarisations:

IF we draft a gahd d**n Offensive linemen in the 1st round, we better be taking more than one lady home.

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