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How Many Day One Starters Can Dimi Get Out Of This Draft?

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I say one. That's been his track record the last six years. Year after year TATF mocker fockers think the draft is the immediate answer to our roster problems. Realistically that ain't the case. Here's a quick look at Dimi's day one starters:


Matt Ryan -1st - his best draft pick to date. Top ten QB. Franchise player

Sam Baker - 1st - fragile T-Rex with one good year. His contract year. Burned three picks to get him

Curtis Lofton - 2nd - solid MLB who hasn't been upgraded since he got Troffed in 2012


Peria Jerry - 1st - bust before, during and after his injury. Quit on the team. Out of the league


Sean Weatherspoon - 1st - a featherspoon who had more spoon moves than on field plays


Julio Jones - 1st - gave up JHouston, DMurray, KZeitler, JThomas and BBoykin for one wide receiver


Zero - 000 - continued affects from the shiny hood ornament trade


Desmond Trufant - 1st - looking fairly beastly


Jake Matthews - 1st - even his HoF daddy said he would struggle. He got his as handed to him

Can he get more than one day one starter out of this draft? With highly slotted picks and Pioli and Quinn helping? I hope so. He's created enough holes on the roster to get four day one starters out of this draft. Could be locked in on a third down specialist that won't start day one though. How many day one starters do you think he'll get out of this draft?

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