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Fansided - Could Atlantie Draft Gurlie?


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Todd Gurley is a name to watch in the NFL Draft this year, and he could end up rising as high as being picked inside of the Top 10. That’s how insane his value has become, and it wills seemingly continue to rise as the draft approaches.

This could all end up being a smokescreen from the teams interested in Gurley or teams who want to raise their draft value in the order, but Gurley is on the rise. That means that a player who we once wondered if he would even be picked in the second round could be

John Clayton threw out a crazy scenario on SportsCenter which has the Atlanta Falcons drafting Todd Gurley to help anchor their offense:

(Can't embed Vine, but here: https://vine.co/v/e7mLiJpOKHQ )

Of course, this isn’t a concrete report and is about as heresy as it gets but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. The Falcons want to move up to draft Dante Fowler and if he slips to No. 8 overall or if the Falcons are able to find a trade partner to move up that’s what they’re going to do.

It would make sense though for the Falcons to target a replacement at running back, as they don’t have much going for them at the moment outside of Devonta Freeman — but that might be all they need.

Gurley remaining in Georgia and rising up in the ranks of NFL running backs not far from where he solidified his status as a top prospect is a great story. But it might not be the one best told by the Falcons, as they need to fill holes at linebacker and on the offensive line — and having a running back with shaky knees and no offensive line is not a good combo.

gurlie takie to the promise landie. carry us to championshipie. aints will be jealousie. bang.


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Reading crap like "Atlantie draftie Gurlie in the draftee is happeningie at tomorrie" = As stupid, if not more, as reading "Who Dat" crap.



I wouldnt mind at all if we took Gurley, but this "ie" thing is just getting old now. It was funny for 2 days, but like everything, people have absolutely demolished it.

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Gurlie will not be a Falcon. My condolences when you see him wearing another team's baseball cap.

/end thread

tissues will be on deck for those with tears when gurlie is holdie a falcons jersie.

(Only a few more hours guys, let me have my fun while I can :lol: )

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