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We Need To Draft Justin Houston's Sidekick Tomorrow

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Will the Atlanta Falcons be serious contenders for the Superbowl in the 2015-2016 season? If the answer is no, then you can make plans for the present that take the future into consideration.

Assuming everything goes according to the script, we will be drafting a pass rusher in the first round, and hoping against hope that he can be the catalyst of an improved squad, reborn in the 4-3 under.

Hope is nice, Insurance is better.

Our best move in the draft is to select in a way that allows us to develop a young pass rusher, but also gives us the space to bring in the most prolific pass rusher in the league, 2016 UFA Justin Houston.

It is understandable and appropriate to pay top dollar for two positions, Quarterback and Pass Rusher (DE or OLB). Both positions have the greatest impact on the success or failure of their respective units, and for a team that has our unique deficiency, we need to make peace with the idea of paying top dollar to land the best in the business. Aldon Smith and JPP will both be on the market as well, but they each have unique problems (drug problems and position fit, respectively).that puts them firmly in the shadow of Statesboro High's finest.

In 2016 Justin Houston would be our Batman, our 2015 pass rusher would be his Robin. It takes a while for pass rushers to develop, but playing a supporting role could give our draftee a great deal of confidence early in his career.

Should we go this route, we should still be taking a pass rusher early, but one whose skillset translates to multiple positions, given their potential displacement at LEO by Mr. Houston.

Scenario #1 : Vic Beasley

This is my favorite scenario, because as much as I like Vic as a potential LEO, I like him even better as a SLB, who, combined with Houston on 3rd downs, would be an almost unfair level of ***-kicking.

Scenario #2 : Bud Dupree

Bud's size screams D-line only, but his athleticism projects well at OLB as well. He is seen as one of the better first round pass-rushers at dropping into coverage, and I could see him contributing at SLB as well, given he drops 20 lbs or so.

Scenario # 3: Todd Gurley

If we truly do believe that Gurley is somewhere in between being the next A.D. and Larry Johnson, then you can make a case for him in the first. The run sets up the deep play-action game, the T.O.P it entails is a defense's best friend. If you think Gurley checks out medically, he is more than worthy of being a first round Falcon.

Scenario #4: The Trade-Down

I have an above average excitement about this draft, due to the number of freaks present who have not reached their physical potential in college. This is exciting due to the arrival of Quinn, who has experienced Seattle's elite player development program first-hand.

Given that this is the nature of this draft I favor forcing the trade-down if deemed appropriate. To force a trade-down is to offer below market-value to a team in exchange for movement. In this case that might mean offering a trade down into the early to mid twenties for only a 2015 and 2016 second rounder.

4a. Benardrick McKinney I have often been puzzled why, in a 3-4 scheme, it is so uncommon for athletic, natural linebackers to be placed at ROLB. Being a 3-4 pass rusher is more than just trying to blow past a tackle, and a natural linebacker tends to have more pass rush potential, than a natural DE has coverage potential. Green Bay gave Clay Matthews III a chance, and he has demonstrated that he can truly do it all in the front seven. With our coaching staff, McKinney could defy expectations at Leo, and smoothly transfer over to SLB or possibly MLB. A tall rangy middle-linebacker can be a difference-maker as Brian Urlacher proved in Chicago.

4b. Danielle Hunter I will admit to being unreasonable when it comes to my fascination with this player. If you built what Dan Quinn claims to value in a player physically, Hunter would be the result. Fast, strong, freakishly long arms and underrated flexibility, this guy has everything except the stats. According to some, this is partly due to LSU's read/react scheme, but there isn't much excuse for a guy like this not dominating in college. I would be overjoyed if we could grab him early in the second (see Hageman,Rashede) and see what Quinn has got. I think Hunter's best fit is at LEO, but he could slide over to LE and fight it out with Malliciah Goodman.

Extras: I think if we decide to go all-in on Houston in 2016, we should try unload Julio and his upcoming deal. Hopefully we can get a first and second rounder for him (ala Jimmy Graham). That would give us space to keep Tru in a few years, and add some midlevel free-agent upgrades throughout. We would provide Matt some young talent and tell him to earn that top 5 salary.

Extras2: Look up Kristjan Sokoli and tell me you don't want him lining up next to Hageman in the middle.

"Sokoli is 24 years old, is 6044 (six foot four and half inch), 290 lbs, with 34 inch arms and 10 3/8 inch hands. His wingspan is 79.5. He ran a 4.84 forty with a 7.19 cone drill, 31 bench press reps, and a 38 inch vertical. His Broad Jump was 9 foot 11 inches. " -via Fieldgulls

I'd actually reach for him in the fourth. He is new to football, but his testing is off the charts. With his power, athleticism and long arms, we could destroy pockets the way Henderson and Stroud once did. Justin Houston would be charged rent in the backfield.


What guys would you draft to lose their jobs to Justin Houston?


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So we don't draft a pure LEO because we are destined to sign Houston. Then Houston resigns or signs elsewhere and we are back to finding a pure LEO. Genius

If you actually read what I wrote, you can see I have us picking guys who can play LEO, but would be able to transition to start at another position should we pick up Houston.

I think Houston would be more than willing to leave Kansas City, with ATL being a top suitor. Aside from being his hometown, we actually have a QB, and our defense would be tailor-made for his skillset.


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KC's defense is tailor-made for his skillset. He's become one of the best pass rushers in the league in it.

I'm saying if he leaves KC, he would want to join a defense that fits him perfectly, which we do.

If you could get paid the same and play with Alex Smith or Matt Ryan, who would you choose?

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