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Alex Boone Holding Out Again


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49ers RG Alex Boone was a no-show for voluntary workouts this week.
Here we go again. Boone held out for the entire offseason program last year before reporting to the team just ahead of Week 1. He earned a pay raise out of the stunt and this time around appears to be looking for a brand new contract as he enters the final year of his deal. Boone was PFF's No. 17 guard last season and turns 28 next week. He's likely available for a an early-to-mid-rounder.Apr 29 - 5:43 PM

Anyone think that he could be worth something? He is only 28.

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Well, to be fair, he didn't get a new contract last year, but rather, only a one year slight pay bump pacification. He wants a long term contract is all.

2 years in a row is a bit suspect though. I'd hate to hear about him every year at this time wanting a pay bump

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Lol yall are funny. Get your money Boone! I'd more than welcome him here. He was underpaid. He deserved a raise. Now, he wants long term security.

Yall realize players have no power until they are FAs. This is the only "power" they have and they can exercise before then. Look at Roddy. Held out and got his contract. Been fine ever since.

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