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Kog, I Was Thinking Of Trading Back And Picking Scherff

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Probably just be another year of trying not to fall asleep while the defense allows play after play. Then drooling over whatever game I know has a team with an actual defense worth watching. This being the NFL and all, not college. You need players. We don't have them. Not a fan of Freeman, but I would guess after drafting Scherrf that would likely be the man. I would come to the boards a little less with little to discuss. What's the point of being on a discussion board often, if you have no discussion? I would buy no new jersey...mainly because I don't really like anyone on the defense or runningbacks enough to drop money like that.

They can do whatever they want and fans will like it, but I will likely not care. Simply because I'm not as emotional about it as I am pretending. I'm use to drafts I hate and off seasons I hate, so that's my expectation.

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