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One Thing Is For Sure.


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I believe whoever we get, will be a very good player. At 8, I don't see Quinn missing. We've had high picks not pan out before, but the rumors point to either one of the premier pass rushers - whereas the top 5 all look like they'll be impact players. Or Gurley who is said to be one of the best RBs since AP. or a top OL. Or Leonard Williams. Who is a beast.

Any one we get, I believe is going to help our team. And for that, it's something to be happy about. And I think the real fun stuff will be after the first round. Quinn has developed a lot of late round picks and I'm anticipating that he'll do the same here.

Personally, I want to stay at 8 or trade down. I don't want to lose draft picks. If Williams, Fowler, Beasley are gone, trade down. Literally get the BPA. Gather picks. There will be some pass rushers that fall to the 2nd who could've gone in the 1st.

I think it'll be a fun draft.

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