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Take Gurley-Trade Up Into 1St For Gregory/ray

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Trade down from 8 and then up from 42. Couldn't ask for a better set up with Ray, Gregory, and Gurlie all going much later than their talent would usually warrant. (Still dont expect us to take rb in 1st)

It would be a great day to get two picks in the first and fill two spots with that kind of talent.

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I thank there will be 3 RBs in1st rd. 2 Wrs 1QB in the top 9 . And I hope we dont take a RB so when our run game is as bad as our LBs last year I can rip you ever week. Oh thats right it already as bad as our LBs from last year.

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Well, Gordon averaged well over 7 yds per carry over 4 years and against a common opponent, Auburn, Gordon averaged 7.8 ypc and Gurley had 4.8 ypc. Both are 6 ft tall, Gurley is 222lbs and Gordon is 215 lbs but Gordon is faster.

I'm sorry. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Gordon as well, but the day hasn't come that he can outrun Gurley in a game. That cat is lightning.

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