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Gruden? Hate Him Or Love Him


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I saw that. He was very critical of Beasley and Gregory against the run. He was very high on Ray and Fowler.

Im not really a fan of Gruden but I thought his analysis was spot on. And yes, he was giving Kiper the business.

Bill Polian--who arguably was one of the greatest GM/team builders ever--once said (paraphrased) " who cares? I'm paying them to terrorize the QB." when critics pointed out pass rushers freeney and Mathis were criticized for their ability to play the run

Point is a natural pass rusher is a heckuva lot harder to find than a stout run defender, and you can scheme against the run and even rotate guys to compensate.

In a 43 under set with say:

TJac 5tech (base DE)


Soliali (NT)

Do you think it matters that Beasley is more of a natural pass rusher than run defender? You tie up blockers with the big dudes and let Vic fly...you're not paying Vic to set the edge. You line him out wide or stand him up and say go get into the backfield

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Guest Negatorris

All of the videos I saw of Gregory, he was fine against the run. I don't think he's that bad, Beasley definitely needs some work, but his pass rush skills are awesome.

I believe Vic can be coached to defend the run better. He has every physical tool you can ask for and he can flat out play football. Quinn can get him right.

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