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I really need for this draft to get started. I don't like the schedule change that pushed the draft to late April. It really is too much.

We have mule-heads that post some variant of Gurlie/Atlantie every day. Never mind logic or even reasonable debate.

We have runners with blinders that only see their prospect as a "can't miss" and "no-brainer".

And then, you have a nut job, namely me, that barks out a trade proposition that would take three front offices to approve. I don't recall such a thing ever happening.

Like I said, I really need to get this draft behind me.

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Didn't mean everyone who wants Gurley at #8 is tarded, just people spamming the forum.

I think those who are adamantly opposed to him have started just about as many Gurley threads...and then complain about all of the Gurley talk later.

It's a divisive topic, and those generally get a lot of attention on message boards. I guess we could just sit around and circle jerk over Beasley or something.

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