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Eli Harold Is Frustrating

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With edge rushers dropping like flies in the draft, Saints fans are bringing up Harold an awful lot. If he's there at 31 and they didn't take someone at 13, most think he'll be the pick. Figured I'd post this here as White brings up a lot of things that turned me off of Harold (somewhat, though I still have a draft crush on him) eventually as well.


He's such a confusing prospect. As he said, and as I mentioned, everything is fixable, but holy crap, he can be frustrating sometimes. When I put together the breakdown, about two weeks later I realized I had only taken his great and his bad plays. Which shows that yeah, he has a ton of talent, but...he's consistently inconsistent. And man, that's scary. And annoying. And very risky in the first round.

So yeah, just thought you'd be interested, esp those of you who dig Stephen White's breakdowns.

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He is. I think I may have mentioned it. All of these guys are, I mean really. Go look at some actual tape...some of the highlights...you'll see what I mean. Gregory's tape annoys me to no end.

The worst part is if he put it together he'd be a stud. Same with Gregory (to a lesser extent, he's more consistent). But that's such a huge if. Granted he's only 20. Having that much talent at that age is intriguing. And yet, he'll do a move that works super well, then not come back to it the rest of the game. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...that's why the Louisville game was so good, his bullrush was working so he leaned on it...then he does arm over moves against UCLA twice and beats the tackle both times and drops it completely...I don't get it.

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