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Shane Ray Arrested Today


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Ray arrested and charged with Possession of marjuana today

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C2q4bCep_bigger.pngBrandon Kiley@BKSportsTalk

SCOOP: Shane Ray cited for possession of marijuana this morning in Cooper County, MO. http://www.mshp.dps.mo.gov/HP71/ArrestDetailsAction?TW01REPORTNUMBER=I243822F

click on the link^^^^^


Missouri edge rusher Shane Ray was arrested Monday morning for possession of marijuana in Cooper County, Mo.

What a bonehead move by Ray, who was later released from county jail. His stock was already crashing some because of a foot/toe issue that may require surgery and force him to miss rookie minicamp. Early in the pre-draft process, Ray was talked about as a possible top-three pick. Now, he may find himself lasting until day two. Ray has a high motor but lacks ideal size at 6'3/249.

What a freaking moron.....

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Sweet. See ya in the 2nd, Mr stub-toe smokey mcpot. Bring Gregory with ya.

Imagine this.. We trade back to 17 or so, pick up another 2nd, grab Gurley at 17ish, and Randy and Ray in the 2nd due to dropping. Would NEVER happen but man..

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