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Dt Davon Walls


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You guys want a physical freak for our new guys to coach up? Here he is.
DT Davon Walls: 6'5(i've heard 6'7 too), 310' pounds (I've heard he could hold 330 well), 84-inch wingspan.

Walls is an absolute freak, former highschool basketball star, who tallied 43 tackles, 17.5 for loss, with ten sacks his first full year playing college ball. He's extremely raw, didn't play football until highschool, and the first time he played there was as a TE. He's a force though, make no mistake; great vision, and surprisingly good moves for a late-comer into football.
In the end, he could have been a high draft choice, but got in trouble with the law at Syracuse university for theft his first year there. That made him transfer out to Lincoln, which is sort of a black hole for football players hoping to be drafted. He's a good guy though who's hugely repentant for what he did, I don't anticipate any more problems like this from him honestly.
Here's the kicker though, he's getting a lot of interest from NFL scouts. Lots of teams seem think he has potential, and I certainly do too.

Realistically, he could anywhere from the 6'th to Undrafted. I really would consider throwing a 7'th or something at him though. He has such big upside.

Check out his Highlights, you won't be disappointed.

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Yeah apparently there's a lot of interest in him. Where he gets drafted is really up in the air, or if he even does. I wouldn't be necessarily surprised if he goes undrafted, but word is he isn't making it out of the 7'th at the latest.

No reason to draft, but I could see him being a priority free agent for teams. He's clearly a man amongst boys. Shows signs of good technique but plays with awful leverage.

He's definitely raw and needs to work on a lot of things, leverage included. I was expecting much worse when I heard how late he started football though. He killed some guys with his hands and spin moves, I was anticipating him just strong arming everybody when I first started watching his tape,

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