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Let Me Know If You Feel The Same.

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Could you explain why you believe that? This guy looks like a flat out stud on tape, and at the combine.

Because he honestly doesn't look like a stud "on tape." He has a few splash plays, largely based off of missed assignments, stunts, and being lined up in unconventional ways. His athleticism is solid, but not nearly what it's cracked up to be. He isn't awful at all, but he'll never be special. Book it.

For an example, here he is in the LSU game, against La'el Collins.

Meanwhile, this is what a real top 5 pick should look like against a first round OL in the draft.

EDIT: I'm an idiot, Fowler doesn't even line up on Erving that game, posting his game against Collins instead. One second.

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I just straight up think we will move up for Fowler on draft day. Either to 3 or 4. He's the most complete Edge rusher, and has everything you look for. Very young, and plays with mad swagger.

Reading between the lines of their interview...

I heard Fowler or Beasely on a trade up. And if they can't Gurley at 8.

I'm not tryIng to start another thread on Gurley... That's just what I'm hearing them say

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