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Arkridge Mock 2.0 (Two Scenarios) Just 7 Days Out!


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Hey guys! My last mock draft (my first mock ever) I received a lot of feedback from you guys and it became more and more evident that my mock was incredibly far fetched and that my rankings were way off. That was a few months back and since then, I've tried to take my time and come up with a couple of mocks that stayed true to most rankings while focusing on Atlanta's needs rather than players that I just flat out liked. I'm hoping these ones are better. I appreciate everyone who gives me some feedback. Here we go;

Staying At #8:

Round 1 (8): Shane Ray, DE/OLB Missouri

Shane Ray has fallen on most boards after not competing at the combine and then having a poor pro day due to turf toe. Tape doesn't like though. Shane Ray plays with a mean streak, something we lack. Dan Quinn gets his LEO pass rusher.

Round 2 (42): Stephone Anthony, ILB Clemson

We improved the linebacker position in free agency but the middle is still very questionable. I don't believe Paul Worillow is a starter in Quinn's regime. Stephone Anthony is a big, athletic and instinctive inside linebacker. Was very consistent at Clemson. He becomes our leader in the middle.

Round 3 (73): Devin Funchess, WR/TE Michigan St.

Devin Funchess, much like Ray, is a victim of falling in the draft. He had a poor combine and there's confusion on what position he's going to play in the league. In Shanahan's system, he's our seam splitting tight end. He's got a huge catch radius and a physical mismatch down the middle. Here's Matt Ryan's security blanket.

Round 4 (104): Kwon Alexander, OLB LSU

Downright one of the most aggressive and athletic linebackers in the draft. Its what caused his success and a lot of his short comings playing for LSU. He plays like he's shot out of a cannon and has the motor to do it for three downs. He lacks discipline and loves to shoot gaps at full speed, but with a little coaching up I think he can be a starter for us down the line.

Round 5 (138): Jamil Douglas, OG Arizona State

This guy is tailor made for a zone blocking scheme. Good balance, very quick off the snap, and excels at getting to the next level. He's got short arms and struggles at times in pass protection, and we'd be wise to investigate an arrest he had in 2010 on a burglary that was later dropped, I think he has potential to be a solid contributor in the scheme we run.

Round 6 (169): Matt Jones, RB Florida

Powerful down-hill runner we can bring in to compete in camp with Devonta Freeman. He's got a well built frame and knows how to run through tackles. He's got surprising acceleration for a back his size and catches the ball out of the backfield very cleanly. Versatile guy that can also play fullback for us.

Round 7 (200): Nick Marshall, CB

Nick Marshall played QB at Auburn, but before transferring he played CB. He's a garbage round project player with the length and athleticism to excel at the position one day. He has the advantage of playing QB and knowing how one thinks as he spies them in the backfield at the next level. A project for our defensive staff to mold into a future contender for a corner spot.


Trade Down:

For my second scenario, I have us trading our #8 pick to San Francisco for they're #15 pick as well as their second round pick this year.

Round 1 (15): Ereck Flowers, OT/G LSU

Upon trading down with San Francisco, I believe all the pass rushers worth taking this high up in the draft will be gone, including Dupree and Gregory. It makes sense to grab a young and talented offensive linemen who is ready to come in and play next to anywhere on our line right out the gate. Like the Dallas Cowboy's have showed recently, it never hurts to grab a linemen.

Round 2 (42): Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE/OLB UCLA

Diggy-Zuwa (6'3 270) comes into the league with NFL ready size and a mountain of potential as a pass rusher. Although the defensive scheme at UCLA often asked him to drop back and play the run, the limited times he was asked to rush the passer, he showed flashes of brilliance. He's an explosive player and good at causing separation. Here's a potential LEO pass rusher for Quinn's defense.

Round 2 (46): Danielle Hunter, DE/OLB LSU

I struggled here not taking an ILB to take over for Paul Worillow but without being able to grab a top 10 talent in a pass rusher, it might be wise to double up in the position early on. Danielle Hunter didn't have the kind of production at LSU that you would hope for, but like Diggy he ozzes potential and is a guy that can be developed into a pass rushing monster. He's got long arms like a Barkivious Mingo with the size required to rush with his hand in the dirt.

Round 3 (73): Jay Ajayi, RB Boise State

In my opinion, it's a close tie between Ajayi and Abdullah for the third best running back in this draft class, I prefer the bigger back in Ajayi. Questions about lingering knee issues could cause him to fall a bit and if he makes it to the third he should be the obvious choice. He has great field vision and excels at catching the ball out of the backfield. Bring him in to compete with Freeman but I ultimately think he's our starter by game two or three.

Round 4 (104): Josh Shaw, CB USC

Josh Shaw is the type of corner Dan Quinn likes, big and long (6'1 205). He's got the muscled up frame you would usually see in a safety but has the speed to compete with high level recievers on the outside. He's got great overall football intelligence with the ability to diagnose plays and read a QB. Although he's a big corner, he hasn't proved he can square up and make a hit and while he has straight line speed, it doesn't always translate well on the field.

Round 5 (138): Mycole Pruitt, TE Southern Illinois

One of the more athletic tight ends in a rather shallow class at the position this year. He's an extremely fluid route runner with a large frame, thick hips and powerful legs. A hands catcher who knows how to go up and fight for the ball, he's going to be a mismatch for a lot of linebackers at the next level. He's a bit short for the position at 6'2 and needs to work on his blocking but he's got all the athletic tools to succeed as one of Shanahan's tight ends.

Round 6 (169): Jeff Luc, ILB Cincinnati

Built like a brick **** house with a heavily muscled frame. He's a big hitter who is great at reading the run and stuffing gaps. He had six forced fumbles in 2014 and has the potential to be a nightmare on the inside with a little work on his discipline. He's more of a two down guy right now but if he can improve his gas tank I think he can be a three down backer two or three seasons down the road.

Round 7 (200): Darren Waller, WR Georgia Tech

Darren Waller is a huge target standing at 6'6 230 pounds. What stands out most to me is his excellent blocking which is almost required of Georgia Tech guys. He's got the speed to be a threat down the sideline but with his huge frame and blocking experience, I see no reason why he couldn't move inside and give tight end a try if he ran into trouble transitioning into the NFL. An offensive project guy for Shanahan to do with as he sees fit.

*Well, there's my two scenarios everyone. I'd really appreciate it if you could take some time to look it over and let me know what you think. All feedback, negative and positive would be appreciated. This will probably be my last mock before draft day. I'd say two a year is a good amount. Thanks all.

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not bad, BUT...

I would take Dupree OVER Ray

There is no way Funchess lasts until the 3rd round

We definately need to pick a RB sooner in your 1st scenario

I'm on of the few who likes Ray over Dupree at this point. I feel like his turf toe played big factor in his draft stock dropping and if he can get that right, he's a monster. He plays just as fast if not faster than Vic Beasley and has the mean streak that literally no one on our defense has.

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I'm on of the few who likes Ray over Dupree at this point. I feel like his turf toe played big factor in his draft stock dropping and if he can get that right, he's a monster. He plays just as fast if not faster than Vic Beasley and has the mean streak that literally no one on our defense has.

I prefer Ray over Dupree, he and Beasley fit Quinn's scheme better than any of the edge rushers mentioned. Doubt Funchess is there in 3rd Rd , but I prefer Walford anyway, if both are gone focus on a FS. I like Douglas a lot in Rd 5.

all in all, give your Scenerio 1 a solid A-

Scenario B is another story. I don't like it at all

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loving the first one, would be hard pressed to take Kwon on as a project if there is still a quality RB there. But this draft is tight.

Thank you! This seems to be everyones issue with draft one is lack of a running back. I like Kwon in the 4th a lot and think he has a lot of potential but I did consider going running back here too.

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Guest Gritz

Nice work on both...I'd prefer draft #1 if I had to choose between the 2...Don't see Ajayi lasting until the 3rd round (in your 2nd scenario).

Good stuff man!

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Ray is a reach at 8 now.

How so? He had 14.5 sacks last season. His tape doesn't lie, he's got one of the best get offs in the draft. He plays at lightning speed and would make a perfect LEO. Everyone fell back on Shane Ray because he didn't compete at the combine and had a poor pro day but tape should take precedence over all, and his tape looks really good. His toe injury played a significant factor in his off season, but make no mistake Shane Ray is a top 10 talent.

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