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Bucs Go 7-9 In 2015 With Winston At Q B. Any Other Predictions For The Pewter & Red?

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WEEK 1 – Buccaneers vs. Titans – 4:25 pm – CBS

If Tampa Bay drafts Florida State’s Jameis Winston with the first overall pick and Tennessee selects Oregon’s Marcus Mariota with the second overall choice this game will be an interesting battle between two rookie QBs. It’s a different story if the Titans trade for quarterback Philip Rivers, which makes this season opener significantly harder for the Bucs. – BUCS WIN (1-0)

WEEK 2 – Buccaneers at Saints – 1:00 pm – Fox
The Bucs haven’t beaten the Saints in over three year and it’s time that nonsense stops. Tampa Bay came close last year and had fourth quarter leads in both games, in addition to picking off Drew Brees a total of six times in both contests. The Bucs steal an upset road win against the retooled Saints, who overhauled their roster this offseason, and match last year’s win total. – BUCS WIN (2-0)

WEEK 3 – Buccaneers at Texans – 1:00 pm – Fox
While the Texans’ offense is a work in progress, the defense is quite stout and will give the Bucs’ offensive line fits. It’s a rough day on the road for Winston, assuming he’s the rookie quarterback Tampa Bay will select. The Bucs fight valiantly in Houston, but suffer their first defeat of the year after a surprising 2-0 start. – BUCS LOSE (2-1)

WEEK 4 – Buccaneers vs. Panthers – 1:00 pm – Fox
The Bucs return home to face the pesky Panthers, who have swept Tampa Bay the past two years. Cam Newton outduels the Bucs’ rookie signal caller and Carolina’s defense plays a bit better than Tampa Bay’s in a narrow home defeat, which sends the team to .500. – BUCS LOSE (2-2)

WEEK 5 – Buccaneers vs. Jaguars – 1:00 pm – Fox
The Bucs have a chance to post a winning record heading into the bye week against an improved and evenly matched Jaguars team. Tampa Bay’s defense and the home crowd gives the Pewter Pirates the edge in this close game as Pat Murray nails the game-winner to send the Bucs to a 3-2 record. – BUCS WIN (3-2)


WEEK 7 – Buccaneers at Redskins – 1:00 pm – CBS
Tampa Bay has the opportunity to really make a run at the postseason if it can steal another early season road win at Washington. The Bucs use the bye week to fine tune the offense and defense and Murray’s field goals prove to be huge for a second straight game as Tampa Bay doubles its win total from a year ago. – BUCS WIN (4-2)

WEEK 8 – Buccaneers at Falcons – 1:00 pm – Fox
The Bucs have really struggled in the Georgia Dome where the Falcons have won six out of the last seven games against Tampa Bay, including last year’s 56-14 beat down. The Falcons have a new coaching staff and have reshuffled their roster, which makes this game winnable for the Bucs, but the home team pulls it out at the end to halt Tampa Bay’s winning streak at two games – BUCS LOSE (4-3)

WEEK 9 – Buccaneers vs. Giants – 4:05 pm – Fox
Tampa Bay begins a difficult three-game stretch against NFC East division teams, starting with New York. The Giants are improved from a year ago, yet this is still a winnable game, especially at home. The Bucs offense is still a work in progress, and turnovers plague the team in a narrow home defeat that will prove costly later in the year. – BUCS LOSE (4-4)

WEEK 10 – Buccaneers vs. Cowboys – 1:00 pm – Fox
Dallas has one of the most formidable offenses in the league and its running game is too much for Tampa Bay’s defense to stop. The Cowboys trample the Bucs to pick up a road win as a playoff run for Tampa Bay is now in serious jeopardy with the team’s record now below .500. – BUCS LOSE (4-5)

WEEK 11 – Buccaneers at Eagles – 1:00 pm – Fox
Tampa Bay struggles to contain Philadelphia’s spread offense on the road as the Eagles give the Buccaneers their second straight blowout loss. Chip Kelly outcoaches Lovie Smith in this one as Tampa Bay loses its third consecutive game and the Bucs finish 1-3 against the NFC East. – BUCS LOSE (4-6)

WEEK 12 – Buccaneers at Colts – 1:00 pm – Fox
It goes from bad to worse as Tampa Bay has another tough road game, this time against a Super Bowl contender in Indianapolis. The Bucs show some surprising fight on the road and nearly score a season-saving upset, but Andrew Luck engineers a game-winning drive in the fourth quarter to send Tampa Bay home with its fourth straight defeat. – BUCS LOSE (4-7)

WEEK 13 – Buccaneers vs. Falcons – 1:00 pm – Fox
The Buccaneers avoid a sweep by the Falcons and keep their faint playoff hopes alive with a much-needed victory. Tampa Bay’s offense, defense and special teams all come to play in the Bucs’ first blowout victory of the year at the right time. – BUCS WIN (5-7)

WEEK 14 – Buccaneers vs. Saints – 1:00 pm – Fox
Tampa Bay shows some late-season moxie with another much-needed NFC South win. The fact that the Bucs swept the Saints and are asserting themselves in the division is a great sign for 2016 as Tampa Bay inches closer to .500 and a possible playoff berth. – BUCS WIN (6-7)

WEEK 15 – Buccaneers at Rams – 8:25 pm – NFL Network
With both teams looking to make a playoff push in December, the Rams and Bucs have a lot to play for in a nationally televised Thursday Night Football game on NFL Network. Unfortunately, St. Louis’ stout defensive line is too much for Tampa Bay’s offensive line to handle and the team’s rookie quarterback struggles with sacks and turnovers in a tough loss that takes a winning season out of play for the Bucs. – BUCS LOSE (6-8)

WEEK 16 – Buccaneers vs. Bears – 1:00 pm – Fox
Lovie Smith gets some revenge against his former team for last year’s loss at Chicago. The Bucs end their 2015 home campaign on a high note with a victory, which gives Tampa Bay a 5-3 record at Raymond James Stadium after going winless at home last year. – BUCS WIN (7-8)

WEEK 17 – Buccaneers at Panthers – 1:00 pm – Fox
The Bucs have a chance to finish a bounce-back season with a .500 mark in Year 2 of the Smith regime, but Tampa Bay falls short on the road to a Carolina team that gets the sweep and clinches a playoff spot with a victory. The Panthers had more to play for, but the Bucs can hold their heads high with a five-win improvement and a promising 3-3 record in the NFC South after a dubious 2-14 record in 2014 in which Tampa Bay went winless in the division. – BUCS LOSE (7-9)

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with winston bucs 7-9 to many holes to have a winning record, but that is improvement and the future will look bright for you guys. i dont think lovie is the coach that will completly turn yall around though. but with a franchise qb. in the future better coaching candidates will come.

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with winston bucs 7-9 to many holes to have a winning record, but that is improvement and the future will look bright for you guys. i dont think lovie is the coach that will completly turn yall around though. but with a franchise qb. in the future better coaching candidates will come.

Exactly how I see it. If Lovie can put together 7 wins this season, he's bought himself another year. But I don't think the Glazers will be too quick to give him the hook, unless it looks like his team has quit on him, like it did for Morris & Schiano.

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