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What The Heck, Why Not Post A Mock

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First off, I don't like mocking trades, but I think this is one that could possibly happen. There are rumblings starting that Mariota could fall (which I agree he should, I've never had him rated that high). I think his most probable point is at 10 with St. Louis, so Philly would need to get above them. There is no way, if Mariota does drop, that he drops past St. Louis, Cleveland (twice), and San Diego. So Kelly has to make a move if he wants him and the price for #8 is much better than the price for #2.

Since I feel Mariota will drop, someone has to replace him. I think the pass rushers are going to go off the board quicker than some expect and there really won't be much available for us at #8 and we would get better value by dropping down. I realize that this top 8 has Cooper dropping to #9 but you could interchange White/Cooper easily and I think only 1 of them goes before our #8 pick.

For the trade, the price is still steep, but it's reasonable enough that Philly could buy off on it.

Falcons trade #8 and round 6 pick 9 to Eagles for....

Eagles for #20, round 2 pick 20, round 4 pick 14, and 2016 1st round pick

This trade would only occur if there is an early run on pass rushers in the top 7 picks, so the parameters would be in place on draft day, but not executed until after Chicago picks. A couple of reasons that I think we would consider this trade are that, I believe that Gregory is off our board, at least since we're picking this high. The failed drug test is a big enough issue to drop him out of the top 10, IMO. Either stupidity or a hard addiction has to be the culprit and neither is a good answer for why he failed. I also don't believe that Dupree is a top 10 player. I also don't think he's going to be a good DE. He has the size/athleticism, but he's not a quick-twitch guy and he has questionable instincts. I just do not believe he is going to develop into a DE pass rusher. The other consideration is that either Cooper or White is still available and so is Danny Shelton, and they should be interesting to think about, but I think getting the additional picks, including the 2016 1st is the better option.

In this scenario, I see the draft playing out as:

1. Tampa - Winston

2. Tennessee - Williams

3. Jax - Fowler

4. Oakland - White

5. Washington - Beasley

6. Jets - Scherff

7. Chicago - Ray

8. Eagles - Mariota

If any of these pass rushers remain on the board, the we don't pull the trigger and everything changes

For the Falcons picks:

1(20) - Jalen Collins, CB, LSU

Quinn has said that CB is a priority in this draft. Looking back, he likes big corners with length and speed. Well, there's not a CB in the draft with a better combination of height, weight, and speed than Collins. The drawback is lack of experience, but he's a natural talent who will only get better than what he showed at LSU.

2(10) - Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE, UCLA

Owa has the potential to be a very good DE in the NFL, but he's not going to be a 10 sack a year guy. He is limited in his pass rushing potential, but he will upgrade the position overall.

2(20) - Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB, Louisville

If you have not read about Mauldin's past, do so, he's overcome a lot to get where he is today. AB will love him. But, better yet, he is a potential pass rushing specialist for us from the all-important LEO position.

3(9) - Donovan Smith, OG, Penn St.

Projects to move inside after playing OT in college. Great size and according to reports seems like he can be a fit in the zone blocking scheme.

4(9) - Anthony Harris, SS, Virginia

Ballhawking playmaker. Not a strong tackler, so that will have to be fixed, but should be able to make the move to FS.

4(14) - Max Valles, OLB, Virginia

Double-dipping in the 4th from the Wahoos. Valles is developmental player who, if it clicks for him can become the pass rusher we've been wanting here for a while. Very athletic player who can make an impact on special teams early and with coaching can become a very good pass rusher in a couple of year.

5(10) - Matt Jones, RB, Florida

Atlanta needs a big, physical back to pair with Freeman. Jones fits that bill and has the potential to make the tandem one of the better young tandems in the league.

7(8) - Tray Walker, CB, Texas Southern

Another tall and fast DB. Walker has played in press coverage schemes in college and performed well. He could be a fit as a corner in Quinn's scheme, but he also has the potential to move to FS.

7(32) - Leon Orr, DT, Florida

Serious maturity issues with Orr, but also serious talent and with a pick this late the risk is worth the potential reward.

Flame away.

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Guest King Jigsaw

I like this mock in the sense that it's nontraditional and it doesn't toss out the usual names that you'd expect to see. I was looking Valles myself and I think he could be a very solid player for someone if given time to develop and learn.

Good mock, Robb.

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I honestly don't think that Mariotta will drop that far.

There are too many teams interested in him (Chargers, Bears, DC, and NYJ). It makes perfect sense for Tennessee to trade down, pick up an extra pick and an experienced QB. The Titans see promise in Metz, but they also realize that he needs to be brought along slowly.

If the Titans can work a trade with the Chargers, they will reunite Whiz with Rivers, and add a draft pick that could be used to set the table for a young QB, like Metz.

The Chargers know that Rivers has topped out and that the team will not get any better than it is. They need to re-set and re-build. Mariotta is a known entity, on the West Coast, and he makes perfect sense for them. The cost for the Chargers is pretty low, so now is the time for them to strike.

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