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D-Led's New Mock... Trade Up..

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FLOWERY BRANCH At this point the pre-draft process, the Falcon have realized that they cant sit at the eighth spot and be guaranteed of getting one of the talented pass-rushers in the draft.

They like Kentuckys Bud Dupree, but they know that Floridas Dante Fowler Jr. is better. They both best fit the size profiles that new head coach Dan Quinn likes.

The Falcons could sit and wait on Randy Gregory, but may decide hes not worth the trouble.

So, in Mock 3.0, we have a trade!

The Falcons will make a deal with pal Dave Caldwell down in Jacksonville to move up into the third position so that they can draft Floridas Dante Fowler Jr.

In 2012, the Browns moved up from the fourth spot to the third spot to draft Trent Richardson. They gave up a fourth, fifth and seventh.

The price to move up five spots would be a little steeper, but the Falcons need to hold onto their second-round pick and see if the Jags would take next years third, a fifth and seventh.

Randy Gregory after testing positive at the combine and for his history or repeated poor decisions, there is a pretty good shot that hes going to get to eight, said NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock on 92.9 the Game on Thursday while talking to Marc James and Randy Cross.

Missouris Shane Ray is a little to light in the britches for the Falcons scheme.

If youre talking about Shane Ray, hes 6-3 ½ 245 with the defense that Atlanta runs, hes really not a defensive end, Mayock said. He would have to do what Khalil Mack does in Oakland or what Von Miller does in Denver and play outside linebacker on first down and then kick down with his hand in the dirt in sub packages and thats realistic. I think Shane Ray is guy who makes a whole lot of sense in that particular scenario.

By now the Falcons have figured out that Fowler is a better scheme than Clemsons Vic Beasley.

Vic Beasley is kind of the same thing, Mayock said. Hes a specialty pass rusher. He cant play defensive end for you on first down. Hed either have to play linebacker or be a specialty guy like Aldon Smith was in first year in the league.

Dupree is attracting more interest, but there is a consensus that he would be a reach with the 8th pick.

The guy that has picked up a lot of steam and makes sense for Atlantas scheme, whos probably really not in the conversation is Bud Dupree, Mayock said. This kid is 270 pounds and gifted. Hes a little bit inconsistent on tape. He fits the front that Dan Quinn is going to run a little bit more than the other guys.

So, trade up for Fowler, take Gregory or go with the inconsistent guy from Kentucky by way of Wilkinson County High.

Trade up for Fowler is the move!!!!

ESPN analyst Bill Polian is a Fowler backer.

The Florida kid has got really great explosion off the edge, Polian said. Hes a bigger version of a Bruce Irvin type player. Hes much bigger as a matter of fact. He can turn speed into power. Hes an aggressive player and pretty accomplished rusher.

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So D-Led thinks we could move up 5 spots and pay a price that's only one round higher than what the Browns moved up for 1 spot?

Also, is he trying to make sure we have 3 total draft picks next year?

I like Fowler but he's been out of my thought process for a while knowing he'd never make it to us in a million years and we need a lot of help so trading up shouldn't be an option in the first.

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