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Draftek Newest Mock Draft

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All of these mocks are making my nose bleed. The discussion is the exact same in each of them at this point because everybody's already been forecast to us. And we STILL have more than two weeks for more of the same. :(

Might want to grab some tissue and tilt your head back. I'm sure there are more to follow.

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I understand your pessimism, but nobody knows who the hale is going to be there in the 3rd. One thing's for sure, there will be guys still there in the 3rd everybody believed would be gone long before then. Book it.

I guess you can call it that, but we'll see. Draft gurus are usually wasting their time, but we will see.
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I don't make mocks ,but if I dreamt one it would possibly look like this. I would not be upset at all if the Falcons first four picks went like this.


Maxx Williams



I'm a big fan of a draft haul like that.

All good solid value picks, but too much offense for me.

I would go in that same draft:


Eli Harold

Eric Rowe (FS)

Jamil Douglas (OG)

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