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Is The Nfc South A Weak Division?


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I've been reading some articles and watching sports segments lately and the common theme now that seems to be associated with the NFC South is "weak." I realize last year was bad for all four teams, but honestly, does one aberration make this division so putrid now that 10 wins is "guaranteed" to win this division? As I remember it, since Matt was drafted in 2008, the NFC South was regularly sending at least two teams to the playoffs. Moreover, this division has produced the #3 overall seed or better in six of the last seven seasons, and the the #1 overall seed in three of the last seven seasons. Last season, the Falcons, Saints, and Panthers all lost a lot of close games. For us (as many have since noted), some of them came down to bad coaching decisions in critical moments of the game in which we had the lead.

This division has three of the top ten QBs in the league. I severely doubt that any of the teams in this division will not bounce back next season, and that goes for the Bucs as well. I maintain that this division is one of the most competitive in the league, and I believe that we will be one of the best (if not the best) this coming season. Rise up!

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Getting strong and remaining at that level will depend on the division's 2nd and 3rd year players to step up... as well as a few of their rookies, this year.

We all have good cornerstones on our respective teams, they just need help in order for their teams, as a whole, to play on a consistent level.

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