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Revisiting The Senior Bowl

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Pretty sure Daily Motion videos are completely fair game to be posted here, just like YouTube, but let me know if I'm wrong and I'll take it down.


Been a while since watching, fresh eyes can be good. Who stands out to you compared to the first time watching? David Johnson was good the first time but I straight up love him now, more than Varga who I also liked the first time. Warming up to Kikaha a lot. Only done with re-watching two quarters so far, Walford also looking good.

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I'm going to make a cut-up of Ali Marpet.

That'd rule.

Finished it up, also impressed with Cobb. Devin Smith could be interesting. Eric Rowe is great as expected, the guard from Alabama was kind of intriguing as well...Carl Davis looked great, but I worry about some stuff he said outside of this game. Stuff about how he wouldn't always try because he didn't want to get injured going up against mediocre talent. Saying stuff like, "you should only play me half the game," like, who actually says that? Shows a real lack of maturity, seems full of himself. Talented as heck though, if he had the mindset of someone like Shane Ray he'd be a top 5 DT in the NFL, and fast.

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I like Kikiaha as well. The knees and everything scare me, but his play really doesn't. He beats OT's way too effortlessly. Not sure how much of a fit he would be here because he isn't a speed guy, but I think he can go to a team and be an instant contributor as a pass rusher.

Agree on Walford. He is the only TE I really really want. I like Blake Bell later, but Walford by a big margin.

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Okay David Johnon looked much better with good blocking. Looks like a perfect one cut / zone RB.

Heh, glad you're coming around. He'll do some exciting things if given a chance in a zone scheme. Showed he's not afraid to plow through for short yardage situations either, people slip right off of him when he lowers the shoulder. Still would like to see his lower body develop some more though.

That second run he had (around 24:10 of the first video) where it looked like he was going to be going down for a 3 yard loss because his blocker was pushed right on top of him and he had that jump cut to bounce it for 11 yards or so...my jaw dropped. Not gonna lie.

Others were impressed after the Senior Bowl too, I'm sure you heard Mayock compare him to Leveon Bell but he was pretty much the consensus most intriguing RB, with Abdullah really impressing people too, probably the 2nd best or tied with Abdullah for best overall...


Forgot to mention RB David Johnson. He was a favorite of our group all week. Upright runner with speed and hands. Looks like D Murray

8:27 AM - 23 Jan 2015

And that's minus fumble problems, with no injuries his whole career at UNI. I just feel like he's a really safe, high ceiling player with room for improvement. But I get these draft crushes every year. wub.png

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