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So Bennett Didn't Wanna Be A Falcon

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Michael Bennett says he never asked Seahawks for a trade

When Michael Bennett opens his mouth, interesting things usually flow forth.

He hasnt done that in some time, however, leaving plenty for him to address today.

The Seahawks defensive end turned up on 710 ESPN in Seattle, and said, among other things, that he never asked for a trade, as was reported in March.

"Man, like I said, they made rumors about Jesus, theyll make rumors about anybody," Bennett said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

Asked specifically whether he asked for a trade (as was reported by Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram), Bennett replied: "I never asked for it. I didnt come to them asking for a trade. Im still trying to figure out how a guy from Dallas make up a story about me, Im living in Seattle, Im like how does that happen? Im in Hawaii surfing, got the kids surfing in the ocean and they are talking about something else."

Of course, the contractual element of the reported displeasure with the Seahawks wasnt addressed (710 is the teams radio flagship station).

"Everything is good," Bennett said. "I mean, weve been talking. I dont know what the problem is there. Still trying to figure out what happened."

"For me, I wouldnt read it because whatever they say about me is a lie."

Of course, the things unsaid leave room for interpretation. To say weve been talking makes it clear theres something to be talked about.

But Bennett at least had the opportunity to get his side out there, which he hasnt for some time.

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For the love of Mary and Joseph, please no lol. This is the first time I've looked at the boards in almost two weeks because of everyone's man-crush on their favorite Bulldog

It's seriously the worst. Like I can't remember a more annoying time period on tatf and Ive been floating these boards since like 06-07

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He says he never asked for a trade, but not that he didn't want to be a Falcon. Its entirely possible his agent asked for a trade and he would want to be a Falcon. That's probably stretching it, but I don't trust much of anything players or coaches say regarding rumors.

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I didn't want him anyways. He's not really as good as nfl tv hosts make him out to be. Or how good he thinks he is in his own mind.

True, and I believe there's some truth that he said something about wanting to be traded, as he's known to crave the attention.

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Keep in mind, all he's saying here is that he didn't ask the Seahawks for a trade, while the rumor stated that he wanted to be traded. Therefore, they are not contradictory. The rumor wasn't necessarily based off of a Seattle source, but could have been based off of some off hand comments by Bennett to someone else.

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So what I gather is Bennett never asked for a trade, but he would like more $$.

Which Seattle probably won't give him a year after giving him a new contract.

Seattle would be more inclined to trading him to a team that would pay him then start over with his contract.

I didn't say Seattle was looking to trade him........I'm just comparing their two options.

Of course, they would rather go with their original option of him playing for the contract they just signed him to.

With that.....

If Seattle did want to trade him.........Atlanta should offer up a 3rd rounder this year and a 6th next year and then add 1 year to his contract.

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