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Pass On Afmb To Others

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I'm not sure if a lot of us realize this, but we have one of the most active Message Boards in all of sports. I've seen others where the top thread hasn't been touched in days. Albeit we may argue, this is my only place where I can talk about the Falcons to other passionate Falcons fans. Being from Michigan, that is very rare. So if you know of any other Falcons fans around you, pass along this site, so we can add to our growing community. Pass it on to your kids, pass it onto your friends. We are Falcons Nation. What is a team w/o it's fans?

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No thanks. Most people I know would be lobbying for Gurley at #8 and even suggest trading up to #1 so that Tampa doesn't take him to replace Cadillac Williams. There's already too many Gurley threads.

Oh who am I kidding, they wouldn't even have a clue who Cadillac Williams is.

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I think all my friends would be considered trolls if they came on here and talked about the Falcons the way they do with me, even though, they are fans. HeII, you'd think my wife was related to Swift, the way she talks about Matt Ryan. She considers the Saints her 2nd favorite team behind the Falcons, which I'll never understand.

Good gesture by Op, but no thanks on my end lol.

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