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Durant Has Lined Up At The Mlb And Wlb Position


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I'm thinking he'll be starting at WLB... isn't that where most assumed he would be anyway?

Guessing it'll be: Reed SLB - Werrilew MLB - Durant WLB ... Shembo is probably gonna be our backup LEO.

A couple of weeks ago there was a thread quoting Quinn as saying the LEOS were

Schofield, Bierman, Maponga, Jaq. Smith

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I've got this creeping feeling we might take Shaq Thompson if he's there in the 2nd to be our WLB and have Durant play MLB/Reed at SAM. Even though he's short he has a lot of length (33" arms), he knows how to use it, and he has versatility in spades. That's the name of the game for Quinn. Just a feeling. Not sure if that's what I'd want, but that'd be a ridiculously athletic LB corps, that's for sure.

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****, if that's the case, we may not take one in the first. Thats a lot of depth for one position. I distinctly remember saying Shembo would be a pass rusher again though...

I keep a running Depth chart (not by starter, backup etc) just the names of players at each position so I wrote it down after reading that thread.

Don't mean that's how it will wind up --just what he was thinking at that time. Even may have meant currently on the roster

Still expect edge rusher to be #8,, and don't see why Shembo can't pass rush maybe LEO or even elsewhere

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