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Reshede Hageman Looks Ready To Go

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@FalconsJAdams: Couple observations from weight room: 1. Hageman looks incredible. 2. Will Mo looks healthy. 3. Many more players here than in past.

@knoxbardeen: Locker room realization: #Falcons RaShede Hageman is jacked up these days. He has really hit the weights hard during offseason

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Thinking...he really does look a lot leaner. Anyone think he might be used in the Bennett role a bit? Lots of LE and slide in to 3T for some pass rushing downs? Dude has plenty of experience playing inside, it wouldn't surprise me. Can't think of why else he'd be slimming down so much, even though he looks ripped.

Despite being in a more 4-3 based scheme.

I think we could see Hageman be used in a JJ Watt type of role, which means that he will be used all across the D-line as a matchup nightmare based on the situation.

He could be either the LE or UT in the base front.

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