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Which Player Is Worth The #8 Pick?


Which player is worth the #8 pick?  

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  1. 1. Fowler, Beasley & Ray are gone & we can't trade down.

    • Cooper / White
    • Scherff / OL
    • Dupree
    • Waynes
    • L Collins
    • Gurley
    • Gregory

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  • Fowler, Beasley & Ray are gone

Can't trade down

I think the FO takes Dupree over Gregory simply because Gregory is the definition of boom or bust.

I don't think they risk that pick in Quinn's 1st draft on Gregory.

If by some stretch Gregory is gone then maybe Ray is there for us.

Dark horse Def picks here are Waynes & Collins.

In the same scenario & we go BPA instead, one of Cooper, White or Scherff / OL should be there @ 8.

Dark horse pick here is Gurley. Yeah he improves our Def by keeping them off the field. I'm a UGA grad who loves Gurley but I do not want him @ 8.

I also don't trust Gregory to pass a drug test.

There's no wrong answer & no matter who you like any of them would be an instant upgrade for us.

The question is who do you think is worth the #8 pick?

I voted for Cooper or White with Scherff / OL close behind, then go heavy on Def from there on out.

If we go Def I think it'll be Dupree.
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There are only 7 teams picking before ATL.

Are you saying that 3 of those 7 all have edge rushers as their priority need????

I admit I do not know

I don't know either. Its a hypothetical scenario & some would say it's the worst case.

I'd be surprised if we don't go Def in the first too but there are options for us & a lot of talent in the top 10 whatever we choose to do.

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