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What Player Would You Prefer If Top 4 Rushers Are Gone At 8?

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If Gregs-Ray-Beasley-Fiwler Jr. Are gone at 8, and CANT TRADE BACK, who would you prefer in the 1st?

I'm not a fan of Dupree and think Harold would be a reach.

A player like La'El Collins coming in at LG would make this OL scary. Collins is exceptionally strong and plays with a NASTY mean streak. Fowler Jr. said Collins won their battle in 2014 and that Collins threw him around like a "rag doll" in 2013. He, along with Matthews, would give us the best, young left side in the NFL.

If defense is the choice, pairing Trufant with a long, athletic CB like Waynes would give us two 'pillar' CBs. Having Waynes and Trufant on the outside, would allow Alford to move to his more natural position, NB. Our secondary would be in the makings of LOB 2.0, and would improve our pass rush on coverage alone. Not to mention getting rushers in 2nd or 3rd. Our secondary would be scary. Waynes reminds me of Sherman and Talib.

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Scherff... Atleast know your O-Line is fixed.... And i cant believe im going to say this but its only if ALLLLLLL of the rushers are off the board which i dont think its going to happen ... But i would take Gurley if my doctors tell me he would be 100% by the start of the season.

We need a pass rusher over all but at this point if they are all gone.... You have to pick the best player possible

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This seems so unrealistic. If the two qbs and Williams are the other 3 picks it means we have our choice of the #1 player at every other position.

Bud Dupree wouldn't be a consideration. You'd be a fool to take him over A1 prospects like Cooper or Scherff.

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