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Not Worried About The First Round

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Nearly all the talk, on these boards, is centered on our pick at #8. I get that, but if we take a step back and see the big picture, we should not worry much about the first round. Regardless of who we draft, we will get a very talented football player that will be able to help us immediately.

For that reason, I'd like to take a look at prospects that we might be able to draft in rounds 2-4. I do this exercise every year because it helps me put the entire draft in perspective. I draft backwards.

Here is a quick sample of how it works. I'd like to see how the rest of you would approach this problem.

Round 4: This is a round that usually offers two positions in spades: inside LB's and ZBS RB's. I think that Tommy is going to go after some virtual unknowns from Podunk U to cover the inside LB depth. For that reason, I think we will draft a RB in this round. The two guys that jump out at me the most are Jalston Fowler and Jeremy Langford. Langford is getting a lot of attention lately, so I'll go with Fowler.

Round 3: This is the big drop off round. In other words, the talent pool, at most positions, drops off like a cliff. So, you better use this round for a position of need. To my eyes, we still don't have a decent answer at LG. A lot of people have been talking up Ali Marpet. I like him and I like Austin Shephard. For purposes of this reverse draft, I'll take Marpet.

Round 2: There are a lot of very talented prospects still on the board. I am convinced that Quinn still needs/wants to add a big DB. I look at Eric Rowe and I see a guy that can become a phenomenal FS. I'll take him here.

Round 1: Well, as you can see, I have not addressed our greatest need. It stands to reason that I will draft a pass rusher here. I believe that we will have a choice between two gifted athletes here. Unlike everyone else on these boards, I think that Beasley will still be on the board when we draft. Gregory will probably drop, as well. I'll take Beasley.

So, here is the result of my quick exercise:

1. Vic Beasley - (Alt: Randy Gregory)

2. Eric Rowe

3. Ali Marpet

4. Jalston Fowler

Try your hand at a reverse mock. You might be pleased to find that we could end up with a solid haul of young talent.

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